Urban Design

Past Working Profile




URA (HKSAR Government), Tai Kok Tsui Urban Studies

Planning Department (HKSAR Government), Provision of Services for the Participatory Programme for Enhancement of Central Piers (Nos. 1-8) and their Adjoining Areas

Xu Men Xian Tourist Association (PRC Government), Xu Men Xian, Jiao Wei Xiang Coral Conservation Area-Land Use Planning & Design

Funded Research Project:

Quality Education Fund (HKSAR Government), Self-directed Programme for Secondary School Liberal Studies Teachers and Students: an Examplar in the context of Built Environment Studies

Public Events Colaborator:

-  "Roses are Love" Bridal Fashion Show & Performance

-  Launching Ceremony of Architectural Services    

    Department 20th Anniversary Celebrations

-  Build & Shake Inter-School Competition by

   City University of Hong Kong

-  Central Harbourfront & Me Public Forum,

    Press Conference & Exhibition by Harbourfront

    Enhancement Committee,

    Planning Department (HKSAR Government)

-  Inaugural Asia Pacific Value Convention

-  Fire Science and Engineering, the 2nd Conference on the

   Development of Performance-based Fire Code

-  Design Competition of Lighting Fittings for Compact

   Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) by

   Electrical & Mechanical Services Department 

   (HKSAR Government)

-  6th Asian Elenex at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition

   Center, Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings

-  Annual Dinner, Hong Kong Institute of Engineers

   (Building Services Division)

Design Competition of Lighting Fittings for

  Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL),

  EMSD (HKSAR Government)

Company Branding:

- ArteMusicale Ltd

Roza Bulgaria Ltd

Graphic Design
Interior Design