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Comments from Students




  • 明白發聲的道理,覺對提升心肺功能有很大得益

  • 我是肺癌患者,透過老師的詳細及悉心教導,開始始掌握唱歌的技巧,並改善發聲及呼吸,有助紓緩氣喘的問題。 此外,我誤解了自己只能唱低音的限制;在老師的指導下,了解原來自己可以高音唱出整首歌曲,能夠發揮自己潛能,我感到很開心! 十分感謝老師和社工舉辦這個訓練班!

  • 增強肺部 功能

  • 老師的耐性及指導

  • 看見同學們的努力和進步,得到老師的悉心指導,很是感動和滿足。

  • 老师和同学上课非常认真和努力是,非常难得!如何用不同呼吸方法,帮助自己身体健康得到改善,感激!感恩!

  • 學習了唱歌的技巧,也認識了Faith老師和一班同學。很好呀。

  • 導師的指導非常用心,使我得到最大的得益

  • 改善對音樂的興趣


  • 發聲響了,改變之前常覺自己不夠中氣。唱歌原來令人開懷,忘憂。唱歌時,人也不會胡思亂想。

  • 對唱歌有更大興趣,增加自信,能夠放開心情去發揮自己的潛能。

  • 有興趣提升自己能力

  • 自信心提升

  • 增加學習唱歌的興趣,忘記了自己是正在接受治療的病人。

  • 多用腹式呼吸增加肺活量,感觉对身体有帮助!

  • 提升了唱歌技巧。

Profoundly learnt from the class:

  • To understood the method of phonation & improve the cardiorespiratory endurance

  • I'm a lung cancer patient, through Faith's detail and kind instructions, I start to master the singing technique, improve my vocalisation and breathing technique. it soothing the symptom of laboured breathing and asthma. Besides, I misunderstood that I had low voice and should sing in the lower register, through Faith's teaching, I explored my higher register and sang the whole song with high voice. I have extended my potential, I feel very happy! I feel gratitude to the coach and the social worker who organised this course!

  • Strengthen the lung function

  • The coach is patience & instructive

  • The other classmates work very hard and improved a lot, the coach is devote to her teaching, I feel moved and satisfy.

  • Both the coach and the students are very serious and work very hard, it's valuable! I learnt to use a breathing method that is new to me which help me to improve my health in general. I feel gratitude and grateful! 

  • I learn the singing technique and meet new friends, I feel very happy.

  • The coach teach patiently that benefit me the most.

  • The course lift up my interest in music.

After completing the course, I transformed to....

  • My voice becomes louder. Improving the problem of out of breath. Singing makes me happy and forget the worries. I stop overthinking when I sing. 

  • I feel enthuse over singing and more confident. It opens up my mind to develop my potential. 

  • I'm interested to raise up my ability.

  • It boosts my self confidence.

  • It stimulates my interest on singing, I forget I'm a patient under chemotherapy.

  • The diaphragm breathing technique improve my vital capacity, which is very good for my health!

  • My singing technique has been enhanced.

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